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Castle Build Workshop

As part of English Heritage's Castle Live event held at Dover Castle, Brick Galleria held workshops over the three days where children, and their families, could come and build all things relating to castles. With over 40,000 LEGO bricks, the visitors were invited to be part of a fun and energetic building event each day across the whole event. With help from our LEGO Brick Artist Kevin Hall, the children created amazing models of castles, towers, dragons, gatehouses and even a few thrones. With visitors coming from all over the UK, the event was a huge success and we got to inspire some up and coming builders and everyone learnt a lot about all things castle related.

Brick Beasts Book

Our new LEGO themed book has just been launched, Brick Beasts! Kevin has been busy over 2017 creating new and exciting models for a series of books. This book features 40 models of mythological creatures from all different cultures and countries. For this book, our team took their inspiration from the LEGO CLASSIC series of sets. Each of these sets provides exactly what those visitors we meet at public events ask about: a big box of LEGO bricks. Of course, not every brick is a standard 2 x 4 brick, or 2 x 2 plate, or 1 x 3 slope, but everyone should recognise the collection of LEGO pieces. Colour is important for some of these animals, although the coloured bricks available in the CLASSIC bo

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