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Feature in Brick Journal

We get to produce some very unique models created form LEGO bricks, one being the very realistic chainsaw and line trimmer for Stihl in Australia. Once these models go public, we tend to get a lot of people asking us the techniques we use to get them looking as real as possible, so when we were asked by one of the LEGO communities long running magazines, Brick Journal, we were happy to write and article about how the models were constructed.

The LEGO chainsaw and line-trimmer models for Stihl were featured in the December 2011 issue of the magazine and explained the process behind the builds, including close up photos and the final photos from the advertising campaigns.

The article delves into the way we designed the models and then the process of breaking it down to individual sections to create, from the colours, proportions and what types of LEGO parts are used.

The article finishes off with the photo shoot and post-production to reveal the final printed adds. It also talks about the micro chainsaw LEGO model we produced for shelf talkers that went into retail stores.

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