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Bricks at Home - Store Opening in Cardiff, Wales

We were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Bricks at Home store in Cardiff, Wales. The store has an amazing set up in one of the arcades in the city centre and it was great to see in person the very unique and creative pieces of art in-store.

Bricks at Home is the brainchild of Andy Morris, a qualified interior designer and internationally exhibited artist who believes that good design has the ability to change the world, and that innovation is the only way forward. He loves finding rare, hand-made, and vintage products that deserve a spot in his collection. However, there is one thing that is even more satisfying for Andy Morris than adding to his store: it is connecting creators with connoisseurs. Through Bricks at Home, Andy is able to help designers come to market and help the masses enjoy the more artistic and playful side of interior design.

The shop features Andy's work as well as other LEGO themed artist's work including some of my own LEGO art. Make sure you pop along to his store if you are in Cardiff or check out the website where you can order online: Bricks at Home

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