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LEGO House Pre-Opening

We were recently invited to the pre-opening of the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. The House is an awesome experience showcasing all things LEGO brick related. Also known as “Home of the Brick”, LEGO House is fittingly located in Billund, where the LEGO brick was invented and the adventure began. LEGO House offers children and adults a fascinating opportunity to combine bricks and creativity.

With another 500 or so other LEGO fans, we got to experience the very unique building with six experience zones over 3 floors, there is something for every LEGO fan, from the Masterpiece Gallery to the History Collection which displays the whole history of the brick and the company.

We tried out everything we had time for and even found the book that Kevin was apart of, 365 things to do with LEGO bricks, in the library. The models and sculptures were fantastic and we were very inspired by everything we saw. Even the restaurant had a very unique, interactive LEGO experience to order your meal!

We highly recommend visiting to experience this amazing house and be part of the wonderful building experience.

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