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LEGO Certified Professional UK

Brick Galleria is extremely happy to announce our very own Director and LEGO Brick Artist, Kevin Hall has been made the only LEGO Certified Professional in the United Kingdom.

Kevin's background and unique talents with LEGO bricks has earned him the prestigious title by The LEGO Group in the UK. With only one LEGO Certified Professional, or LCP for short, in each region around the globe, Brick Galleria has been put into a very unique position.

LCPs are not LEGO employees, but they are officially recognised by the LEGO Group as trusted business partners. Each LEGO Certified Professional is selected for the program based on their building proficiency, enthusiasm for the LEGO brick and building system and professional approach towards other LEGO fans and the broader public

Working closely with The LEGO Group, Kevin and Brick Galleria will be creating models, sculptures and event all around the UK, so keep an eye out for Kevin and our team's work near you soon.

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