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Art Gallery - The Artist Emily Corl

Building and creating with LEGO® has always been part of Emily’s life since she was a child, combining LEGO bricks with other toys to create fantastic stories and adventures, as well as art. Having studied psychology, specialising in child behaviour using creative and movement therapy teaching methods, Emily started her career as a children’s entertainer using LEGO to inspire creativity. Although most of her work has been as a commercial artist, her true passion is using LEGO parts as a medium to create fine art.

As part of the international LEGO brick art company, Brick Galleria, Emily combines her rigorous organisation skills with her creative flair to not only create and produces models, but also manage the studio. Her work has featured in magazines, PR, launches, books and events around the world, including the TV show LEGO® Masters in the UK for a celebrity Christmas special where she was one of the LEGO Experts.

Emily is internationally recognised for her commercial work as well as fine art and has an astounding skill where she creates artwork from what she sees and how she sees the world around her. Using a medium that is recognised globally, Emily produces and creates her own art style in LEGO Brick Paintings. Her work is produced from specifically chosen LEGO parts to represent the different aspects of the scene. Rather than creating a 3D image or model, the artwork captures the elements of the scene and the perspective using shapes and tones. The art is able to be touched and felt by the viewer to understand the complexity of the piece and unlike other mediums such as paint or pencil, the available shapes and colours in LEGO are finite, so using LEGO parts creates an immense challenge to create a believable scene using only what is available.

Whether being inspired by her surroundings, creating in the studio or hosting a live event, Emily’s creative skills and visions, push the boundaries with her art and design, which she is all to happy to share and encourage others wanting to further their creative skills.

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