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Chainsaw model for Stihl

At Brick Galleria, we are always up for a challenge to produce realistic looking brand models created out of LEGO bricks. So a when we were asked by The Foundry advertising agency to produce a chainsaw made from LEGO at 1:1 scale, we jumped at the chance. Based on one of Stihl's chainsaws, the model was to be created for a national advertising campaign that appeared in magazines across Australia.

A real chainsaw was given to us as reference to build the LEGO version. It was a challenge to find the correct pieces that would bring the model to life and look as real as it could be. The model was produced in mainly red parts that were changed to orange in post production as the LEGO parts needed were not available in orange.

As the photo shoot was already booked when they commissioned us, we only had four days to produce the model which was a challenge that we pulled off. The model has been featured in a few LEGO exhibitions in Melbourne and is now on display in the Stihl head office in Melbourne Australia.

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