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The Big LEGO Brick Build at Stonehenge

Families were invited to join Brick Galleria and English Heritage to help build Stonehenge out of LEGO® bricks. This exciting event ran every day, for 9 days, at the historic site.

Brick Galleria's team, with the public, built a magnificent 1 tonne model of Stonehenge using hundreds of thousands of bricks. The event was an exciting opportunity for kids, as well as parents and LEGO loving adults, to join in the fun. Following a simple design, the guests created bigger bricks that Brick Galleria's Emily Corl used to construct an enormous Stonehenge replica measuring over 5 meters in width and more than 1.6 meters in height. To achieve this feat, we used nearly half a million LEGO bricks, and this is where the public played a crucial role! By assembling upscale, bigger bricks, they played a key role in creating this monumental masterpiece.

There was great excitement in the run up to the event, with Scott Ashman English Heritage, Head of Historic Properties for Stonehenge telling us...

“We are so excited for this event and we’re all looking forward to taking part! The building blocks may be smaller than those used in the actual Stonehenge but there’s thousands more of them! We love the fact that the bricks fit together in much the same way as the stones at Stonehenge, and we’ll need all the help we can get completing this huge model of the monument before the week is out!”

The end model turned out amazingly and we had around 12,000 people help out with the build, all going away with huge smiles on their faces knowing they took part to help build it.

Photos ©English Heritage Trust


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