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The new Watchmaker on the Block

Brick Galleria was asked to create a very unique model for the watch company TAG Heuer that not only represented one of their watchmakers meticulously hand creating one of their premium watches, but also have a touch of animation that reveals a magic transition.

The model standing at almost half a metre high, encompassed a watchmaker sitting on a stool at his table creating a watch. The watchmaker features an eyeglass and watchmaking gear and one hand holds a red box that covers the workspace. Also, on the back of the model is a small red handle that operates a very unique mechanism inside the model. As you wind the handle, the watchmaker’s hand lifts the red TAG Heuer watchmaking box to reveal all of its expert tools and an assortment of miniature horological components. This action, a creative take on a real watchmaker at work, is a tribute to the art and science of watchmaking.

To see the article in TAG Heuer magazine, please click below:

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