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Workshop at Dover Castle

Brick Galleria gets to work in some very unique and fascinating locations, but one of our favourite places to work is at a location with over 1000 years history, Dover Castle!

We recently got to work in Dover Castle with English Heritage holding some workshops for a couple of local schools. The students were invited to attend a day learning about how Dover Castle played an important role during World War One.

Other than learning about the Fire Command Post situated high up on the white cliffs and witnessing the gun drill re-enactment, the students participated in creating LEGO Brick Bi-Planes and World War One micro ships. The workshops were broken up into two activities throughout the day.

In one of the Educational rooms within the castle keep courtyard, a large replica of the white cliffs, created by Brick Galleria, was on display where the students placed small micro ship models that they designed and built themselves from the array of LEGO bricks and parts available.

Hosted by Brick Galleria's Kevin Hall, LEGO Brick Artist, the students created small LEGO Brick bi-plane models, designed by Brick Galleria, using the instructions provided and some help form Kevin. After they each created their very own plane, the students were able to take the model home to remind them of the fun and educational day they had at Dover Castle with Brick Galleria.

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