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Brick Beasts Book

Our new LEGO themed book has just been launched, Brick Beasts! Kevin has been busy over 2017 creating new and exciting models for a series of books. This book features 40 models of mythological creatures from all different cultures and countries.

For this book, our team took their inspiration from the LEGO CLASSIC series of sets. Each of these sets provides exactly what those visitors we meet at public events ask about: a big box of LEGO bricks. Of course, not every brick is a standard 2 x 4 brick, or 2 x 2 plate, or 1 x 3 slope, but everyone should recognise the collection of LEGO pieces.

Colour is important for some of these animals, although the coloured bricks available in the CLASSIC boxes would not often be the right ones—that’s when having multiple CLASSIC boxes comes in handy! Of course, when you’re building these models yourself you can change the colours according to the bricks you have or the colour you want the animals to be.

Finally, if you want to build one of the models in this book but don’t have exactly the right pieces—don’t worry! We spent lots of time trying to decide if we should use one type of slope over another, but in the end it’s a very personal decision. If you decide that your animal looks better with a different piece, that’s great! Remember, there is no right or wrong with LEGO. As long as you’ve enjoyed building the model, then that’s all that matters.

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