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BBC Radio Berkshire Studios

Having many years of media experience, Kevin was more than happy to be a guest of Steve Madden on BBC Radio Berkshire talking about his LEGO life and the Christmas workshops that Brick Galleria are holding at Reading Museum.

After hearing about the LEGO brick workshops, BBC Radio Berkshire contacted us to organise an interview live on air at their studios. They were very keen to talk about our unique work we produce with LEGO bricks and how we help the local community by providing LEGO brick workshops for the children of the Reading area in Berkshire, UK.

Our workshops are always very popular, but the Christmas workshops we hold at Reading Museum is a highlight for many children as they get to create their very own Christmas decorations that they can take home and hang on their trees giving their Christmas time a creative and unique personal touch.

Steve was fascinated with Kevin's background of design and LEGO brick creating, asking all manor of questions about Brick Gallerias work with the local community and around the globe.

At the end of the interview, Kevin presented Steve and the BBC studios with a special Christmas gift, one of our brick Santa models in a bauble. Steve was very quick to snap a photo with Kevin before he hung it on the staff Christmas tree in the studios.

The whole interview was uploaded to the BBC Radio Berkshire's website and you can listen to it by clicking the link below.


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