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WW1 Workshop - Dover Castle

We were invited back again to Dover Castle by English Heritage to hold another series of educational workshops for the local school children who were learning about how Dover Castle played a role in WW1.

We held two workshops simultaneously with the students. The first one was where they all built Sopwith Camel bi-plane models with our LEGO Brick Artist, Kevin hall. Following instructions as well as getting help from Kevin, each student created their very own bi-plane which they kept at the end of the session, which saw a lot of very happy faces. not only did they learn some cool building techniques, but they also learnt about the LEGO parts as well as the actual bi-plane itself.

While one group of students where happily building Sopwith Camels, in another area, another group where preparing giant, upscale bricks to help build a 3 metre long WW1 battleship model. Using the large bricks, made up of regular 2x4 bricks, a giant silhouette of a battle ship came to life. This was a great teamwork challenge for the students who all felt a feeling of accomplishment when the final model was finished.

Not only did the students have a fun and educational experience, but also the teachers and staff who accompanied them took part in the builds and had a great time too:

"I am writing to thank you for the marvellous day that our pupils spent with you as part of your English Heritage local community project. They absolutely loved their trip, exploring the castle as well taking part in the WW1 event incorporating building LEGO models.

They really enjoyed building the LEGO WW1 models, following the instructions of Kevin Hall with the EH team providing assistance. Our Chair of Governors Andy Rogers commented that the children were fully engaged in this activity with pride in their faces when they had managed to build their own model. The fact that they were allowed to keep the model they built and take it home added to their enjoyment. They also loved the WW1 actor in complete WW1 battledress!

We are very keen to be involved in English Heritage projects as we are so close to Dover Castle and will be very happy to endorse the high quality of the education activities you are providing. Please advise us of future opportunities and events. My staff were also highly impressed with the event and could see the benefit of engaging in outside/off-site learning."

James Blomfield


St. Richard’s Catholic Primary School

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