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Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens animal workshop

We had a great day working in Birmingham at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens holding workshops in a large greenhouse, helping the children create brick animals.

Even though we were encouraging the children to create animals they would find in the historical Baroque gardens, we ended up having a menagerie of all sorts of animals and plants from giraffes to bumble bees and even a few dragons!

Each session saw a lot of happy children and their families digging into the thousands of LEGO parts to replicate some awesome animals and plants. Learning about the bricks and animals they were building, the children created a lot of detailed models, right down to antennas on their bugs to hissing tongues on some snakes.

The local TV station even came to visit to do a story on the event with some future builders and artists being interviewed about their creations. The day was a lot of fun and a great experience to work in a very historical garden setting.

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