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Micro London

A lot of the times, we get to build very large models, but this time we got to build at a micro scale but with a 2 metre x 2 metre footprint. the micro London model was created for a international IT client's showcase event in London.

The micro model was a representation of London using adjusted LEGO sets as well as various generic buildings that would be found throughout the city form the Tower of Big Ben and Tower Bridge, to Tudor style buildings and even a LEGO store.

Using the model as a point of interest and base, interactive demonstrations were added where viewers could sample the companies services and learn how they could help them. The demonstrations included a car factory with recognition software as well as sensors that detected when a tree fell on the train tracks and stopped the train.

The model was built on a extremely tight schedule but we managed to create a fantastic model that proved very popular and captured guests imagination and attention.

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