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Building Bespoke Brussels

To enhance a corporate event in Brussels, Belgium, we were asked to produce a couple of well known cultural attractions in the area. We created a LEGO brick version of the Atomium built in 1957 and the famous fountain statue built in 1619, the Manneken Pis.

The Atomium LEGO model was created using a micro scale and featured interconnecting spheres, which was quite a challenge. the overall model ended up being around 500mm high and came with micro cars.

The Manneken Pis statue was a representation of the real fountain as we wanted to emphasise the little boy so we made him slightly bigger in scale so we could get the detail in.

Both models were used in a bigger display to showcase the companies IT services to the guests at the event. Having our models there helped create a more local feel to the city and was enjoyed by everyone visiting.

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