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Animals in the Garden

Having held a very fun and successful event at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens earlier in the year, we were asked to create some woodland creatures to be installed in the gardens permanently.

The animals decided on for us to create were a fox, a squirrel, a couple of robins and, event though not a woodland creature, a dragon! The animals were all built at a realistic scale as they were to be part of the gardens and be found by the visiting guests.

Once constructed, the animals were placed around the gardens in special places and each guest who comes to visit can go on a hunt to find and spot the models throughout the gardens. Each year they are moved around to make it more fun for returning guests.

To launch the arrival of the animals, we also held a workshop where guests came along and helped create various models of Fantasy dragons on the day.

So make sure to go and visit the gardens and see if you can spot all the LEGO brick animals hiding.

For more information about the gardens, please visit their website

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