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LEGO City Hero Academy - London Transport Museum

We recently were asked to help host an event for The LEGO Group, "LEGO City Hero Academy" at the London Transport Museum, where we had great fun with children and parents as well creating and talking about the benefits of creative play in real world situations.

Kevin was one of the guest speakers, along with Olympian, Greg Rutherford and Child Developmental Psychologist, Dr Sam Was. Talking to the parents and children, Kevin told of his background and new appointment of the UK's only LEGO Certified Professional along with what creative play meant to him and how it is beneficial to children's growth.

The event was a big success with our new staff member Emily Corl entertaining everyone with her building expertise as well as capturing the children's attention with tips and techniques for building. Kevin also encouraged the children with activities and builds to get an understanding what being a hero meant to them.

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