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Celebrity LEGO Masters UK At Christmas Trophy

Not only were Brick Galleria's Kevin Hall and Emily Corl on the show as LEGO Experts, we also designed and produced the Snowflake trophy for the show. As the producers of the show, as well as The LEGO Group, wanted a very unique and Christmas themed trophy, they approached us to produce something that would stand out.

Having free range to come up with a design, we wanted a LEGO model that would scream Christmas as well as be sturdy enough to be hoisted into the air by the winners. A snowflake concept was created and tied into a Christmassy feeling base, with added candy cane corners. Instead of just having the flake sit atop of a box base, snow was added to give a more realistic and fun look.

The final trophy looked great under the studio lights and was constantly being eyed over by the contestants. The final winners loved the model and were more than happy to win this unique trophy.


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