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Le Mans Virtual 2022 Trophy

The LEGO Group approached us to come up with a concept to produce a LEGO trophy for the Le Mans Virtual Series that included LEGO Technic pieces as they were one of the major sponsors. After a few concepts, the final design was chosen by Motorsport Games and LEGO for us to bring to life.

A chequer pattern was used to represent the iconic flag in motorsport using Technic parts, along with a large wheel and wings on the top to finish it off. The base used System bricks and incorporated the Le Mans Virtual colours. Including LEGO Technic into the design to work with the LEGO System bricks meant that the design and construction would need to integrate seamlessly as well as be sturdy so the model could be picked up with confidence.

We created six trophies all up including a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both the GT and LMP classes. The yellow base section was taller on the 2nd place and even taller on the 1st place to distinguish between the places. The trophies were used to promote the series and the final models were a unique prize for each winning team.


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