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LEGO Elements Vase Designs

The LEGO Group asked us to design and create four vases that symbolised Fire, Air, Water and Earth and had to hold flowers for a photo shoot. Each vase was sketched and colours chosen to best represent the element.

The Fire vase took on an ancient look that encompassed lava spewing out of it like a volcano. Using trans-orange, trans-red and trans-yellow colours mixed with black gave the model a very striking feel. The Air vase used a cloud shape design and was all white except for the central cylinder which was clear. Using cloud pieces along with various curved plates and tiles, gave the model a fluffy and light look. The Water vase incorporated a round cool base that transformed into a splashing wave towering over the model. Using medium azure parts that slowly transitioned to trans-blue and clear gave the model a water like appearance. The Earth vase was created to give a stead fast look using a tree trunk section, with the roots spreading out at it's base. Creating the model using a SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique, created a rounded shape for the trunk and used a mixture of browns and nougat. A spiralling vine of plant elements and flowers swirled around the entire model. The models were used by The LEGO Group to promote the Botanic range on social media.


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