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Chiswick House in LEGO bricks

To help raise funds for the site, we were commissioned to design a scale model of Chiswick House. Based on the configuration from 1788, the model was created using the original floor plans and lots of images of the house. The final model measured around 2 metres long and half a metre wide and high and divided into four sections so additional configurations could be interchanged at a later date. The main house includes an interior of the first floor showcasing each unique colourful room. The roof is also removable so viewers can see the inside layout based on the real house. The wings slide off each side of the main house and show the internal stair wells. The final section shows the Loggia, which still appears in today's configuration.

Using the model as a build event, the Chiswick House Friends charity and local school students are slowly building the model over time with each brick sponsored by the public to raise the funds to help the upkeep of the house. Other than a fun creative build event, the model is and will be helping local children and adults learn about the house and it's history providing a glimpse back in time to bring the past to life.

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